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Danish.Care is the Danish trade association of manufacturers and suppliers of assistive technology, welfare technology and services within the area of assistive technology and care.

Manufacturers of assistive technology products, welfare technology products and services within the area of assistive technology and care, as well as companies with related products and services, may be accepted as members of the association.

Companies, associations, institutions, etc., which are related to the industry without being able to fulfil the conditions to be core members can be accepted as associate members.

The association has 120 member companies.

The board is elected by the members and consists of 10 people.

The association was founded in 1981.

Before April 2018, Danish.Care was known as "Dansk Rehab Gruppe". The name change was an element in and a result of a strategy process in the trade association, and at the same time, the association has strengthened its position as the industry's organization and stakeholder. Assistive and welfare technology solutions are Danish strengths in the global market in terms of innovation, quality and design, but also solutions that fights for its eligibility and financing in a home market characterized by a short-term purchasing perspective that challenges many of the small and medium-sized enterprises. 

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Danish.Care's purpose is to work towards:

  • Ensuring that the industry for assistive technology, welfare technology and services within the area of assistive technology and care have the best possible framework conditions both in Denmark and internationally.

  • Being a constructive and qualified protector of interests and opinion creator for manufacturers and distributors of assistive technology, welfare technology and services.

  • Supporting knowledge about and sales of assistive technologies and welfare technology both nationally and internationally, including hosting the Health & Rehab Scandinavia trade fair and participating in export drives.

  • Offering its members professional information, knowledge and advice on prioritised areas (legislation, regulatory conditions, export, tenders, procurement, and related areas), either directly or via network cooperation.

  • Supporting concrete cooperation across networks, both between companies within the industry and with regard to relevant external parties.

  • Supporting the knowledge and utility value when using assistive technologies and welfare technologies, and the innovative development of products and services for disabled people and others with functional impairments.


Handicaporganisationernes Hus
Blekinge Boulevard 2
2639 Taastrup

Forskerparken 10E23
5230 Odense M
Tel 32 54 24 25
Email Id:

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