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Mogens Rahbek

Chairman of the board

+45 7968 5848

Director of Sales & Marketing at R82
Mogens has many years of experience within the industry, especially concerning export of assistive technology and welfare devices. Mogens contributes especially with knowledge and competencies regarding the export area and the continuous development of the trade association.

Today, Mogens is Director of Sales & Marketing i R82 A/S. R82 A/S is one of the worlds leading producers of solutions for handicapped children and young adults. The company has a high export share and is marketing their products worldwide via a broad network of distributors and own sales companies.

R82 A/S is owned by and part of the Etac concern.

Troels_Danish.Care_240x300.jpg (1)
Troels Oliver Vilms Pedersen

Vice Chairman of the board

+45 7220 2083

Program Manager at Technology Institute
Troels works in Danish.Care with the interaction between market and innovation and helps to take care of the association's interests in this area. I have the opportunity to help members with knowledge about innovation processes and new robot technologies.

Technology Institute, which among other things develops, tests and implements aids and welfare technology. Troels works everyday with the development and commercialization of new robot technology in all industries and in production. I have had a particularly great focus on robots for people with disabilities or to the professional staff who are around this group of people.

Pia Christiansen

+45 4094 3780

CEO and owner of Protac A/S
Pia is a member of the steering committee of Health & Rehab Scandinavia. Interest also includes exports and trade fairs abroad.

As a member of the Board, I wish to contribute with my professional angle as an occupational therapist and as a business developer.

Protac A/S develops, manufactures and sells sensory aids with balls in.

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Claus Lund Albertsen

+45 2168 3790

Sales Manager in Pressalit Care
Claus is working on the board with the planning and implementation of Health & Rehab Scandinavia. He is a member of the steering committee of Health & Rehab Scandinavia. I help ensure that the fair is constantly evolving for the benefit of its members.

Pressalit Care develops, produces and markets technical aids for people with reduced functional capacity and today sells their solutions to bath and kitchen worldwide. Has more than 15 years of experience in sales of care products and has developed a wide network of contacts to the private as well as the public sector.

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Jan Sahlertz

+45 4019 1985

Area Sales & Product Manager VELA A/S
Jan is primarily engaged in sales and marketing and both Vela and Meyland-Smith are manufacturers of specialty aids with a large export. Jan's focus on the board is on the issues that primarily affect smaller companies in the international markets. In addition, Jan is a member of the trade fair group behind Health & Rehab Scandinavia.

Jan was previously co-owner of Meyland-Smith A/S from 2011 to 31.03. 2020 and has previously worked in other industries; food and service to international organizations in conflict areas.


CEO of Ortos
Mads has in Danish.Care focus on body care aids in Denmark. In addition, Mads works with member service.

Mads is CEO of Ortos and unmanaged bandagist. The bandagist company Ortos A/S was established in 2007 and has branches in 8 Danish cities.
Ortos produces and manufactures body-assisted aids with special focus on leg and leg prostheses, corsets and other major orthoses for persons with mobility disabilities - all from the concept of "individual understanding".

Christian_240x300.jpg (1)
Christian Voie-Andersen

+45 6155 2025

Adm. Director of Invacare A/S
Christian has in Danish.Care focused on working to optimize the overall framework conditions for the industry, by strengthening relations, communication and cooperation between the various stakeholders who are active in and around the care and health care sector. This is to ensure a good and serious interaction between the industry and the stakeholders and thus help to develop a professional and high quality level within the care and activation of people with disabilities in Denmark.

Christian is CEO of Invacare A/S and has many years of experience with the Life science sector, including pharma and medical technology. Invacare is a worldwide company that develops, produces and markets many different technical aids for the benefit of people with disabilities. Invacare employs approx. 5000 employees and sell their products in more than 80 countries.

Henrik Haugaard

+45 9686 3020

Co-owner and sales manager at Liftup A/S
In Danish.Care, Henrik will focus on export and innovation and passionate about open cooperation across members and industry areas.

Henrik is responsible for sales and marketing at Liftup A/S and CEO of the subsidiary Liftup GmbH. Liftup A/S develops, produces and markets welfare technology solutions with a strong focus on innovation and design - for the benefit of everyone. Liftup is a growth company with a large export share and exports today to more than 40 countries. Liftup has developed an inventive platform where people with exciting issues or good ideas are invited inside for a discussion of a possible collaboration.

Director and owner of ApS
Anders is committed to working to give Danish welfare technology companies better conditions for getting verified and gathering experience in our domestic market in cooperation with municipalities, regions and educational institutions. The starting point is that the welfare technology industry has great opportunity in the export markets and that this can be strengthened through a strong cooperation and reference base on our domestic market.

inmutouch produces and sells the sense stimulation product inmulelax and inmuDANCE. The products initially aimed at helping people with dementia but are now widely used by many user groups. Inmutouch has been on the market since the end of 2017 and is currently exporting. to 10 countries.

Tine Devantier Winther Lundgren

+45 4213 0330

Sales Manager at Cobi Rehab
In our Board, Tine contributes with extensive experience from sales, development, export and regulatory conditions. Tine has extensive industry experience, pioneering for Denmark on both domestic and foreign markets especially when it comes to innovative solutions.

Tine is Sales Manager at Cobi Rehab Denmark and Cobi Rehab Sweden. Cobi Rehab develops and markets assistive technologies and positioning solutions. Quality, high professional competencies, presentation of knowledge and services is ranked very high at Cobi Rehab. The goal is to be able to offer the client the right solution and the best experience. Besides sale of assistive devices in Denmark and Sweden, Cobi Rehab also exports a significant share of assistive devices targeted bariatric users.


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