About the Danish assistive technology and welfare technology industry

Solutions that benefit people and society

The Danish assistive technology and welfare technology industry provides solutions that benefit people and society.

Danish leading position
The Danish assistive technology industry has a great reputation around the world, not least due to the ability of Danish manufacturers to transform Denmark’s leading position in the elderly and disabled persons area into qualitative and useful products and services which are goal-oriented towards the needs there are in various groups of people with functional impairments. This applies to products and services that make day-to-day life easier, individually customised personal assistive technologies, residence, and building equipment that promotes accessibility.

Small and middle-sized
Most of the companies are small and medium-sized enterprises which when taken together offer a very broad and varied selection of products and services. This mix of small and larger companies enriches the industry with great flexibility and willingness to adapt - both to meet the needs of the users and to adjust to changing market conditions nationally and internationally.

Development, cooperation, quality, and design
The Danish assistive technology industry is a child of Denmark’s position within the area of disability. There is a long tradition in Denmark that having product development taking place in close cooperation with both the disabled people and their organisations as well as public and private employees that work in the area of disabilities. The result is design, functionality, quality, and user-friendliness which are the most important elements of assistive technologies manufactured in Denmark.

Many assistive technologies are used daily by people who help the elderly or disabled persons with daily tasks. They may be volunteers, family members, or employed professional helpers. Therefore work conditions is also taking into account when developing new products.

International cooperation
As a result of growing international interest in the Danish manufacturers’ high quality and an export share of about 2/3 of the total production international cooperation has been considerably strengthened in recent years. Danish.Care cooperates with and supports companies in the international market through export drives, participation in international exhibitions, cooperation with organisations and other players, participation in and hosting of seminars, etc.

Health & Rehab Scandinavia
The close cooperation between manufacturers, users, helpers, and professional cooperators is best illustrated at Scandinavia's leading exhibition fair of assistive technologies and services, Health & Rehab Scandinavia, which Danish.Care hosts. Health & Rehab Scandinavia provides the opportunity to exhibit assistive technologies and services, and the fair makes it possible for user organisations, professional institutions, and assistive technology manufacturers to present their products to each other and to the many interested partners in the area.

The assistive technology database ( maintained by the Danish National Board of Social Services divides assistive products into five general groups:

Treatment and training
Treatment, training, and sport equipment, stimulators, ball duvets...

Residences, housekeeping, hobbies
Residences, bathrooms, beds, visits to the toilet, housekeeping, toys, tools...

Communication, seeing, hearing, reading, writing, computers, watches, alarms...

Mobility and moving
Wheelchairs, cycles, and walking, moving and orientation assistive technology, car adjustments...

Personal care, clothes and shoes
Bandages, apparel, wigs, incontinence, body care, drug dosage, sex life... 


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