Network groups

Danish.Care offers employees in the member companies participation in a number of network groups.

The network groups are established within specific professional areas and are open for all employees.

Exchange of experiences and preparing policies

  • The groups function as experience-exchange groups among members - to be able to support professional sparring and exchange of knowledge and experiences in the member companies.
  • The groups can also function as Danish.Cares advisory committees on specific professional or policy-oriented areas in order to contribute to determining Danish.Cares policy and position on a given area.

Holding meetings
The groups typically meet three to five times a year. The meetings can be held at member company locations, taking turns or in Danish.Cares rooms in Taastrup or Odense. 

Danish.Cares work with network groups follows the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s Guidelines for information activities in industry associations

Registration for network groups in Danish.Care

Here, you can register your participation in one of Danish.Cares network groups - click here and fill out the form.

The following network groups have been established:

The network group for startups - Care-Tech startups. 
The group strengthens the innovation effort in the association and supports the industry responsibility for influencing and stimulating the development of the next generation of assistive technology and welfare technology.
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The network group for sales to hospitals and regions. 
The group addresses targeted sales to the hospital sector and regions. The group can discuss the special requirements for equipment for hospitals, supply processes and materials and enter into dialogue with the five regions or in the RFI (Regions of the Regions).
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Production, technology and innovation. 
The group is involved with conditions regarding production and technology, including questions concerning the industry’s technological development, innovation, robot technology, sensors, apps, etc.
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B2G - Sales to and tenders for the public sector. 
The group discusses public sector tenders and procurement, tender documentation and contracts, templates, evaluation methods, submission of tenders, SKI, national framework agreements, joint public-sector procurement between municipalities and regions, etc.
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Regulatory conditions and legislation. 
The group discusses regulatory conditions and legislation in the area of medical equipment and assistive technology. Including the marking of medical equipment, the newest regulations, UDI, classifications, CE-directives etc.
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Marketing and communications. 
The group discusses marketing and communications in the assistive technology industry, including online marketing on social media, via the web and other electronic platforms, including direct sales via websites.
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Export groups. 
Danish.Care facilitates different export groups, depending on the interests of the members. This may be with regard to the individual countries or concrete market visits or export activities.
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