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Together with professional experts from the member companies, Danish.Cares network groups develop the association’s position papers on the industry’s key issues.  

Position papers will be made available on this page.


 The route to good tenders
- pamphlet prepared in cooperation with Medico Industry 

Should we avoid having tenders end in complaint cases, having the suppliers and public sector use resources on demands for access to documents and having to re-do the tender? And, at the same time, do we want to create fairer competition and ensure that the procurement of medical equipment and rehabilitation products by the public sector creates value for the entire treatment process?

If so, it requires a close a fruitful dialogue between public sector buyers and private suppliers. Things are moving in the right direction in Denmark, but we can improve.

Danish.Care and Medico Industry have published a pamphlet with the industry’s recommendations for what a tender process that is characterised by constructive dialogue can look like. Only available in danish. 

It is crucial to the patient, the economy and users of the procured products that the decision is made on the most informed basis possible. The pamphlet focuses on a number of aspects of tendering, which can be strengthened through better cooperation and a closer dialogue. The dialogues can be used as a market study, which ensures that innovation becomes part of the specification requirements.

Click on the pamphlet to read it. Danish version only.



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