CareNet – National Network for Welfare and Assistive Technology

CareNet – National Network for Welfare and Assistive Technology

CareNet is a commercial and member-based Danish network which focuses on the development, application and dissemination of welfare and assistive technology for care, nursing and independent living.

CareNet is operated jointly between Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and Danish.Care, the Trade Association for Assistive Technology.

The purpose is to create interaction and synergy between the players in the field, and to increase the focus on the technological possibilities it implies for the welfare sector.

The network is a platform for the development of technological interventions that can meet the challenges faced by suppliers and welfare clients in today’s market – and in the future.

The network celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2018.

A network with engaged members

A stable network with access to knowledge and potential partners  is crucial for the continuing technological development and use of welfare-technology in various municipalities, organizations, regions and public authorities.

CareNet consist of participants who actively participate and raise the network jointly.


- We use various resources on networking and have done it through several years. Frankly; some networks are more profitable than others, and with CareNet I can see that a lot of us share the same approach and backgrounds with other participants in the network which stimulates our common inspiration and willingness to participate, says Tina Skaarup Blenstrup from Zibo Athene A/S.  

Simultaneously, the network is a platform for meetings between municipalities, public authorities and private organizations who develop and produce welfare and assistive technology. A platform where everyone can take advantage from each other and the synergies the network creates.

The network consists of:

  • Companies specializing in the areas of care-giving, nursing and service.
  • Companies with strong qualifications in the areas of development and application of advanced technology.
  • Municipalities
  • Regional and national public authorities
  • Independent care centres and organisations
  • Societies and non-governmental organisations
  • Research and educational institutions

Membership events and study tours and sharing of knowledge.

Contact information:
Network Manager Anders Lyck Fogh-Schultz / +45 2299 3244

CareNets website


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